FAWRI is a flagship application addressing the immigration domain market. The application provides a web interface for the immigration back office with an optional back office approval system. FAWRI application addresses the following business areas of the immigration business: entry permit section, residence section, establishment section, passport section, ports and control and investigation.


FAWRI allows customization according to various categories of users like local residents, residents, visitors, corporate super users, corporate normal users and service centers. The application supports standard & customizable payment types like credit card, direct debit, electronic wallets, etc. The security features provide state of the art authentication and authorization. Each user is allowed to apply only for their respective registrations. Security Token Authentication feature is optionally available for enhanced security during payment process. FAWRI provides integration solutions pluggable into cooperate client HRMS or CRM systems to automate the processing of immigration transactions. The integration solution allows giant cooperate clients to seamlessly integrate their enterprise solutions with FAWRI. FAWRI is available in both English and Arabic languages and can be customized with other languages. FAWRI is designed to simplify the process of obtaining all visa requirements, which is cost effective and easy. It provides complete online services for clients based on state-of-the art technologies, saving time and reduces cowed volumes through a completely automated process that includes registration, application, payment, collection, refund and delivery.