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emaratech is involved in all aspects of IT Services and Consultation, Real Estate Solutions, Client Servicing and Delivery Solutions. Our various services are connected in order to provide our clients with end to end, comprehensive and complete solutions that serve their needs.

ara is an off-the-shelf product to handle correspondences, tasks & document management for organizations of all sizes. ara also provides the ability to define automated workflows, communication policy and organization structure with integrated smart card security & signing mechanisms for correspondences

MEET your organizational needs

  • Maintains transparency & traceability with automated correspondence, task registration and assignment.
  • Ensures priority based processing using quality standards for review, approval & sign-off cycles.
  • Establishes low risk, proven best practice approach towards correspondence processing & task delegation.
  • Tune & personalize as per organization's needs


Emirates Real Estate Solutions (ERES) was founded in 2008 to build a trusted regulatory community for the real estate industry using innovative technologies. This means using cutting-edge technology-based solutions as a cornerstone for building a centralized platform for all real estate related transactions and the administrative details that accompany them. ERES solutions provide developers, private landlords, real estate owners and tenants with the tools and information necessary for the proper and sound execution of all transactions related to real estate.

The ERES technology platform offers a centralized approach for logging and accessing information that facilitates the execution of a wide variety of administrative functions that automatically employ the regulatory initiatives required by Lands and Real Estate authorities on all sides of a real estate or land transaction. ERES is currently used in Dubai Land department and Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai.


emaratech software solutions have developed Noqodi in 2010 to be a unique and comprehensive Payment Gateway. Noqodi service has proved in no time its efficiency and capability to be a secure and easy mediator for companies and individuals to pay for their statements and bills on line.

Through Noqodi, users can create a wallet account or an E-Cash account where they can charge them through any bank of their choice and enjoy an unlimited online payment services and avoid the hassle of writing cheques and waiting in queues.

If you are looking for a traditional courier agency that delivers your packages from point A to point B, we are defiantly not the one! Zajel courier and delivery service is nothing but exceptional. We are well known in the UAE as the fast, accurate and most convenient courier that provides you with outstanding local, regional and global chain of delivery solutions designed according to your need, budget and time.

We have the best customer care staff that works 24/7 at your service. In addition, our strategic partners and dedicated staff who are located all over the world will make sure that your shipment is delivered safe and on time.

Our chain of services includes; same day courier delivery service anywhere across the UAE where we can deliver your documents, packages or any personal or business item within hours. Moreover, Express Parcels (EP) Airlifted will guarantee you a 24 hours secure delivery worldwide within a limited timeframe.

At Zajel, we also have the Road Net service for those who would prefer economy shipping and are not limited to a certain time delivery. You will not have to bother about your imports process anymore, with Zajel your imports will be hassle free and more secure. Our competitive rates, worldwide connections and partners, experienced staff and reliable shipping will guarantee that your imports are delivered on time and at the same original condition.

Zajel also offers a special return service where you can have your documents returned to you on the due date. We also provide you with efficient cheques collection within the UAE.


AAMAL is an Arabic word that literally means "Businesses"; however, there are many effective affiliations behind the name. AAMAL is a Service Centre that was founded in 2006 following the directions of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to imply the "One Window" concept that aims to gather all services in one place.

AAMAL gathers a wide ranged and most demanded Governmental and Commercial services under one roof required by locals and residents of Dubai. We surpass in providing Governmental services such as Immigrations, Ministry of Labor, and Emirates Identity Authority. Commercial services includes Financial and Exchange House, and ATM (Automated Teller Machine for deposit and withdraw).

AAMAL applies Quality Management System (QMS) to outline the policies and procedures necessary to improve and control the various processes that will ultimately lead to improve AAMAL Business Performance and ensure the high quality standards and services provided under its roof.


Jordan Electronic Gate allows travelers enjoy greater speed and efficiency when traveling in and out Queen Alia International Airport. Travelers using Jordan’s eGates don’t need to wait in a long queue at passport control counters to get their identities checked and passports stamped anymore.

Datel Jordan, a member of emaratech group, has been architecting and developing the design and process of the Jordanian electronic gates and has fulfilled the need to achieve speed while enhancing security and safety for travelers.

The eGate Card is issued in Jordan in association with the concerned agencies. It allows passengers swipe their card at the eGate at the airport, touch the panel to match fingerprints completing immigration process in less than 15 seconds.

The turnkey system has been designed, developed and implemented by UAE-based solutions provider emaratech.

To apply for your eGate cards for individuals and corporates:

Airport branch
Telephone: 00962 6 4453 888 or 00962 (0) 79 7387 588

7th Circle branch
Ground Floor, Mansour building no. 15,
opposite Royal Jordanian Terminal
P.O. Box 39039 Amman 11104 Jordan
Tel Nos.:00962 6 5817 336 or
00962 (0) 79 6633 805