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Smart Corridor by emaratech unveiled in 2018 to speed up the movement of passengers at Dubai airports

Smart Corridor (SC) is a smart passage used by passengers to ease and speed travelling process for them by integrating the immigration traveling process with the police Security check.

The project employs artificial intelligence and is made in the UAE under the auspices of emaratech, GDRFA’s technology arm.

The passengers will enter the corridor in a sequence way where they will be required to place all their belonging into the bins, place their carry-in luggage into the x-ray and walk through the Smart Corridor which will consist of Metal detector and Biometric cameras. 

Passengers requires no presentation of any documents (e.g. passport, EIDA, Boarding Pass).

Smart Corridor (SC) is an integration between Iris on the Move and Pre-Clearance systems where Passenger’s information is processed prior to their arrival to the airport and all immigration business rules are checked and confirmed which enable them to travel using only Iris verification without the need to present any travel documents.

For more information visit: https://www.emaratech.ae/