HADI Software

HADI Software will allow its users to identify themselves using a machine-readable identity. It will provide realtime position of the user for indoor deployment,
in the context of a building, such as Airport or Shopping Mall etc. and help the user navigate indoor.

It will also engage the user by providing location based content, such as ads or promotions material. It will also provide a dashboard for content management.

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HADI Administration Panel

The HADI Administration panel consists of a front-end part, which is the UI for the content administrators, whereas the back-end is the editorial interface for developers. The front-end for the administrators is described below.

  • The HADI Administration panel is provided via a website login from where HADI operators can administrate everything from the content shown in the application including, but not limited to, which promotions to show and where/when to show them.
  • Also, HADI operators are able to see where trolleys are located in real-time.
  • A core function however, is being able to retrieve data intelligence reports on demand that allow the HADI operators to analyze everything from use patterns, dead-store areas, nudging effect of promotions and more.

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