emaratech, the Arab leader in Border Control Solutions, participated in Passenger Terminal Expo 2019 (PTE)-London, which was officially opened by John Holland-Kaye Chief Executive of Heathrow with over 7,000 total attendees.

The PTE was attended by Thani Abdulla Alzaffin, Director General and Board Member of emaratech, to present the state-of-the-art Technology “Smart Corridor”. The unprecedented integrated technology of Pre-Clearance and Iris Identity authentication enables passengers to pass through Immigration Border Control without the need to stop for Iris capture or passport scanning and without compromising security and throughput.

The “smart Corridor” can process 12 passengers per minute, making it ideal for Airport and borders as well as corporate lobbies. It is an integration between Iris on the Move Technology and Pre-Clearance system where passengers’ information is processed prior to their arrival to the airport and all immigration rules are checked and confirmed which enables them to travel using their registered Iris or facial, without the need to present any travel document or stop at immigration counters.

In this global event, more than 400 speakers shared amazing experience to explore the present and future of the airports, and emphasis on creating the best, safest and most enjoyable passenger experience.

For more information visit: https://www.emaratech.ae/

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