Keeping up its highly-beneficial support and commitment to the unbridled growth of the global airports industry and a leading technology and consulting company in the Arab world, emaratech, will be utilising Airport Show next month in Dubai to showcase its ever-expanding portfolio of innovative technology products to widen its clientele across the world.

The company will display Smart Trolley and Intelligent Baggage Handling System at Airport Show this May, which offers improved security at lower cost, better flow and increased revenue and efficiency in airports’ commercial areas. The trolley allows passengers to power their personal devices and acts as a real-time way finding device in the airport via an interactive 3D-map.

Another of its Seamless Passenger Experience project is Smart Corridor (SC). This is a smart passage used by passengers to ease and speed travelling process for them by enabling the passenger to enter the corridor in a sequence way where their IRIS will be captured on the fly without the need to present any travel document or stand for Iris capture. This concept does not need officer intervention, no travel document is required and passengers are checked and notified before arriving to airport. It is applicable only for selected passenger. Smart Corridor will be placed in T3 Departure.

The Smart Corridor technology can operate passenger faster, more accurately, and under a greater range of distances at immigration zone at the airport. Because of capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the authorities can detect subject identities that were previously not possible, allowing for recognition while the individual is moving, wearing sunglasses or contacts, and even running – accurately and quickly. The products has dependency on iris recognition biometrics.

For more information visit: https://www.emaratech.ae/

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